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War and Peace show photos

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I was lucky enough to get to largest military show in Europe this weekend. You can find some of the piccies I took here

The Tiger is fake, The Spw251 half tracks are Czech built, but everything else is genuine.

The show is just awsome with about 1700 vehicles on display and moving in the arena. I only got round about a third of it in a day and can thoroughly recommend it to anyone in the UK for next year.

Official site with hundreds of photos of this years show and previous years is here

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My photos are now up here.

Here's a few of them:

The star of the show:



This Grant had been used for firing tests and then left in a ditch for 50 years. It has had a brand new engine and transmission and despite its outside appearance is a runner.

A great selection of vehicles - these guys are here every year and have 3 Stuarts, 2 Greyhounds, an M10, a Hellcat, 2 Shermans and a Chaffee. Below are the Stuarts - one very early model on the left. The model on the left is a 'Normandy' model with the bocage clearing equipment on it.


Sherman Firefly


One thing I did notice is how much modern stuff is starting to appear:



The Ultimate in gamey weapons:


It's a Wasp Jeep. It was the only one ever made. Apparently the firer got quite warm when firing it.

I demand that this weapon be included for all future versions of CM. :mad:

Lots more photos HERE!

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Saw this and thought of Steve @ BFC: :D


Re-enactors camps:

Can anyone spot the incongruity here?


One of four T34/85 tanks at the show this year:


Another shot of the re-enactors camps.


It was far better organised and laid out this year than before. We got around almost the entire site in 6 hours but there was so much to see.

Last preview:


I had to take a photo of this. The obscured text says "Please send picture of boat and motor"

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Had a great time as usual, but due to a logistical cockup ( left camera on table at home - doh ! )took no piccies. In addition spent far to much money on books ( also as usual ) mostly in the Barbarossa books tent but in a variety of other places as well.

Managed to cater to my nerdish tendencies by finding a back issue of Tankograd gazette with an article about armoured trains in it :D

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I don't think the wartime Hellcat (at least the initial batch) had a muzzle brake. Now that I think of it, ALL Hellcats would be wartime Hellcats! So I guess that means some had muzzle brakes, some didn't.

I breathed a sign of relief looking at that HVSS M4A1 Sherman. My mod doesn't look all that far off. He's even got a vehicle nickname painted in yellow - just like my mod! :D

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