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Sporty looking AFVs

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Originally posted by Rollstoy:


Merkava IV



Anyway here is the extended listing with the latest developments, remeber all numbers below are my interpretation of the posts this far:

Sportiest looking: :cool:

jgdpanther: 5

Italian tankette(!?): 1 :D

Chaffee: 1 (I guess it looks a bit like a porche)

Hellcat: 4 (this one seems to be the largest rival this far)

Covenanter: 2

PZ 38: 1

Pzkpfw II: 1

Hetzer: 2

Scariest: :eek:

kv2: 3

Tiger I: 3

Tiger II: 2

IS-2: 3

Big Jims favourites!: ;)

Churchil AVRE: 1

Elegant joy riders: ;)

Shermans: 1

Bren carriers: 1

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Originally posted by flamingknives:

The KT is definately scarier than the Tiger I in person.

I came around a corner in England's Bovington Tank Museum and confronted a King Tiger after spending an hour studying British and American WWII tanks. Seeing the KT suddenly like that, up close, scared the living hell out of me. It was twice the size of the tanks it had to fight and with a gun that seemed a frigging mile long. I had been putting my mind in the place of the gunners and drivers of Shermans and Churchills and to suddenly see that KT looming over me made my heart leap into my throat. I still remember the feeling.

So the KT definitely gets my vote for scariest.

I haven't seen any votes for the Greyhound as sportiest but to me it seems like a cool little hot rod AFV. I wouldn't want to fight in one but it might be fun to drive...

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