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Originally posted by Frenchy:


Double check that I sent you the AAR for Push to Maleme. I got a confirmation email from you April 14.

You're correct - I have it and I've updated the status report. Thanks for checking.

[ May 25, 2005, 07:32 PM: Message edited by: Ace Pilot ]

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Update time again.

Cpl Carrot is at it again. Click on the following link to see the status of each player and the tourney as a whole:

ROW V Player Status Page

As you can we still have a few red squares, so there is work to be done. As soon as I get all the scores in Cpl Carrot will open up the tournament results page. There you will see all the scores, max and min, as well as scenario averages and standard deviations.

Note that the scores shown are all pre-AAR bonus, so get working on them!

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Originally posted by Ted:


Is this round almost over?

8 days to go.

Will there be scores posted soon?
As soon as I get the last one in. 16 games still in progress.

1 for Triangle

4 for Push

3 for Highlanders

6 for St. Ed's

2 for Moltke


check the results tab over at the ROW page to see your status. A red square means I have not received a score for that game. If you are sure you finished then send me the results.

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I haven't heard from either one, but I do see DT popping in here and at the Annex every now and again. I'll drop them both a line.


I'm not sure if Ace has a deadline for AARs, but keep in mind that we can't launch the next round until we have all AARs in and bonuses applied. I would say (barring any deadline from Ace) a one week extension past the regular tourney deadline, so say June 14th.

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