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Turn the tide

Guest xwormwood

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Guest xwormwood

Engine: Current

Synopsis: Allows a play to change the from axis to allies (and vice versa)

Design Summary: Allow in a game against the AI human player to change the side they are playing.

Mighty improvement when playing against the AI, because if you see that you have already won you can take the weaker side, trying to stop the success of your former alliance, or better: your "evil" AI clone.

Think about a scenario where you can cleary see that you will kick the AIs ass, the year is mid-1943 and you think why should i ever play on. Simply change onto the loosing side, give the ai you ready to win-side and suddenly you play on until the game really ends, beacause a new situation has risen. Such a game will alway be better than a late-game standard scenario against the ai.

There is no reason why human players shouldn't be able to choose side whenever they want in a game against the ai.

Problem 1: giving the ai some ideas which strategy to choose with its new situation (though it wouldn't need to much programming because the ai has the better, winnig side)

Problem 2: players would know where units are and which city / region is how strong or weak defended. Players could descide to play a double turn (move russian units out of a city, change side an become axis, move into unoccupied russian city). Solution could be: let the ai play for 1 or 2 turns BOTH sides while the human player gets only the results presented (after turn combat report, a la "unit x destroyed, city y taken, resource z bombed") so that the ai got time to make some adjustments.

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