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Originally posted by stikkypixie:

To all the people in section 8, turns will be delayed due real life. Sorry for the inconvenience.

Actually, I prefer you send your files to the guys in section 7 ;)

-Section 4



Green as Jade


-Section 5

Kanonier Reichmann

Big Dog

The Enigma


-Section 6



John O


-Section 7

Diesel Taylor


John Bertles


-Section 8


Michael Dorosh

Other means


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I am the Nazi at Naz : ) and sent of my first turn to Stickywicket 2 days ago - which probably explains RL collapsing on him : ). I have yet to recieve turns on other two where I am the Allies - I suspect expectation is going to be the high point of my gaming experience and it will be downhill from here!

All good fun though : )

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Group 7

Regret to inform you I have just lost my main computer to a power out-tage!!!!!. I am unlikely to get it mended until the beginning of next week as I am out tomorrow and Saturday and Sunday.

Either mobo or processor fried : (

I may be able to rig something up Monday with another computer!

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Is everyone up and running? Any problems?

Let me know via e-mail

Frenchy and Dangerousdave,

You guys are (for the moment) our resesrves. If we get a few more volunteers we will place you in section 9 and get you started. Otherwise Spanish Bombs will drop you into whatever section needs a replacement (even the finalists if need be).

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Well, I guess its about time, the AAR's are in and the finals under way...

So the designers should own up...

Any questions or comments can be made here ...

The designer in question will do his best to answer your questions or concerns.

On behalf of everyone I'd like to congratulate Kingfish on a most excellent tournament and thank the players and all those who contributed!


[ June 24, 2005, 08:09 AM: Message edited by: Richie ]

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Originally posted by Melnibone:

Aaaaaaaaaarrrrrrgggggggghhhhhhhhhhh :mad: :mad: :mad: :mad: Scenario Designers - Hell is too good for you!

Have to agree with Melnibone, except for the scenario with the Mesa Valley. I like that one. Give me tanks and I will have fun with it.

John O

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