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I just noticed that the chat functionality on CombatMission.com has been moved the the Proving Grounds:

Proving Grounds Chat

CombatMission.com used to be a great place to find TCP/IP games. I was hoping to continue this tradition at the Proving Grounds. However, I cannot get the chat functionality at the Proving Grounds to work!

I get a message that says it is trying to connect to chat and then it never does.

Does anyone know what could be wrong?

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Here I is....

Make sure that you have the latest version of Java installed, www.java.com

Also, there's a security certificate warning that you may see. If you clicked "deny" at one point that would block the connection. Depending on your browser, you'll have to modify or delete the properties for that certificate ("Manage Certificates" in Opera for example, not sure how to get there in Firefox and/or IE offhand).

Those are the first two things that come to mind. Firewall shouldn't be an issue, however an internet security suite may be blocking the connection, so if you're using something like Norton or McAfee, check the permissions in those applications and see if there's an entry for something for "Webmaster.com".

I was hoping to find some other possible solutions on their website at http://www.webmaster.com/ but I'm not seeing anything in the FAQ....

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Thanks GJK. I installed the latest version of java and looked at my certificates. I don't see anything that indicates the proving grounds or webmaster is blocked. I also see nothing in my firewall.

FYI, this worked for me a few weeks ago. Now.....it just says "Connecting to backpack.webmaster.com:7000,waiting for da"

It will then just sit there for hours.

Any other ideas?

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The only other thing that I can think of at the moment is to perhaps try a 3rd party IRC client. I know that I used to use mIRC to connect to #TPGchat. That was a couple of years ago and the specifics of how I did it are beyond me at the moment, maybe someone with more IRC experience than me can chime in.

Just as a test, you might try disabling your firewall/ISS and then seeing if you can connect. If so, you'd at least know what the source of the problem is.

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Firefox is probably tripping on the CSS navigation menu that I have on the page, which wouldn't affect whether or not you can connect to the IRC channel via the Java applet.

Here's the warning that I get regarding the security certificates. I just click "ok" and I log on, these may be part of the problem though:

- The certificate for "WebMaster Incorporated" is signed by the unknown Certificate Authority "Open Key Project". It is not possible to verify that this is a valid certificate

- The certificate for "Open Key Project" is signed by the unknown Certificate Authority "Open Key Project". It is not possible to verify that this is a valid certificate

Might check for a certificate for "Open Key Project" and either clear that entry and then accept that certificate.

One more thing - I have it so that it auto-populates your handle from the site into the chat "nickname" field. This is based on the cookie that you have stored for TPG. In my testing just now, if I'm not logged into TPG and that nickname field doesn't populate, then I don't connect.

Do this, log out of TPG (http://www.the-proving-grounds.com/logout.html) and then log back in from the page that you go to after you've logged out. Then try to connect to the chat. I have a feeling that may work.

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