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Operation Goodwood: video?

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Hello Grogs,

In a book called "Panzer Commander" by Hans von Lucke? (I believe), he mentioned that years after the battle, he had some input with the British Army as far as a movie they (British War College?) were making about said battle.

My question(s) is this...

Is this movie (Operation Goodwood) available to the public?

Has anybody ever seen this movie?... and is it worth buying if available?

Thanks in advance,


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Originally posted by jrcar:

I saw it during my training, and am actually after a copy. If anyone has an idea I'd love to know too.



Alright! An actual witness to the video.

Did they have actual interviews with the participants?... Or was it more of a documentary? (whatever that means).

Did they actually walk the ground with the participants?.... Okay Kenny.... calm down... take a deep breath.....



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I'd say there're grounds for hope. Why? Because I got to see the equivalent film, as a civilian, at an International Plastic Modeler's Society meeting some years ago. The topic? The Falklands! I do believe Goodwood was well before that!

Speaking of the Falklands, I loved the anecdote told by one of the paras in the film about the ultra cut and defined RSM who lorded it over the men on field exercises and during close order drill, only to to be victimized by his own sleekness when the unit's rations went down with the Atlantic Conveyor, along with most of the helos. So when the "yomp" had to be made, by overloaded paras on short rations, guess who was forced to drop out first? Yes, the pride of the regiment!


John Kettler

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