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Possibly a stupid question - TRPs and spotters in CMAK (spoiler)

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G'day all

Playing the demo (ordered CMAK too) and got a surprise with the spotter and TRPs. I never played CMBB (stuck with CMBO) so this may be something you are all used to, but at the start of the second CMAK demo scenario (in Italy) I targeted a TRP with my US spotter, intending (with the anticipated couple of minutes orders delay) to provide some cover for advancing infantry. I got a big surprise when shells started landing in the first turn.

I got an even bigger surprise when I couldn't cancel the target and all my spotter's ammo was expended over the next two turns.

Is this a new feature in the post-CMBO series of have I missed a way of cancelling the arty? If so I'll have to get used to using TRPs differently.


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Yes, it was introduced in CMBB, any fire called on turn 1 will be considered a preparatory barrage, it will arrive faster, but as you noticed can't be adjusted or cancelled. TRPs only make it arrive even faster an be more accurate, you can use TRPs as you did in CMBO on other turns.

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