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Atomic/Nuclear Weapons

Guest Frost

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Guest Frost

Engine: WAW or SC3

Synopsis: The ability to use research to arm a strategic bomber with an Atomic Weapon.

Design Summary:

Major countries should be able to research Atomic Weapons. Research success could be varied to add a historical flavor to the game, and could be taken off to add a what if potential. What if Japan researched the atom bomb before the United States?

The addition would round out the global campaign, and would allow modders to make future war scenarios or alternate history scenarios (such as is currently being created with the Patton game).

The atomic devastation would have to be so that once a city is hit, that city is gone for the rest of the game. The graphics should also reflect as such. Combat units should be able to move through the destroyed city, but if they stay in the city, they should suffer the effects similar to the German units in WAW when the Russian winter begins.

Military units hit by the bomb should be wiped out or almost completely wiped out, depending on their strength. The morale of the unit should drop to zero.

There would be a lot of fun to be had with the diplomatic aspect of the game, some countries may fear a country with atomic weapons and join them more quickly after seeing what devastation they can bring, and the opposite could also take place. Countries may refuse to join an axis or ally and the war readiness may go up or down.

The use of an atomic bomb, could also cause countries to surrender.

One final note, the editor should allow freedom to edit the strength and effect the atomic bomb has on the game.

Problem 1:

Adding this to WAW

Problem 2:

Making SC3

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