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If you´re just interested in Allied vehicles (and especially Canadian) try www.armouredacorn.com - very detailed and good drawings of tanks and vehicles. A few modern ones are on it, too...

I hope they´ll expand their site until it covers all of the markings and camouflage, but that´s only a guess. Rhight now the best choice is to hunt the web (as I did for months) or buy a few good books. Very good are the ones from Waldemar Trojca (scale drawing as well) and the books from www.militaria.net.pl.

Should I find more sites I´ll post them here if you wish. It´s a topic I´m very interested in, too - and getting conclusive information is rather difficult, if not impossible. Maybe we should start a research project aiming at finding such sites or - still better - make our won and put all the info from the books together for people who can´t afford them. Who´s with me? ;)

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This Russian site is pretty good, although far from exhaustive:


The good thing is you can read the vehicle types and so get a general idea of the caption. If your computer can do Russian, and so can you, then you're in like flint.

An even better site is here:


I doubt you can navigate it as it's in Russian too, but there's practically every Russian combat vehicle there. (And a lot more) Here's some of the basic subheadings, there is plenty for a modeler there:








There is also a ton of information, but again,

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