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Originally posted by Leopard_2:

</font><blockquote>quote:</font><hr />Originally posted by Stalin's Organ:

Can't agree with this - the Sherman pretty much out-performed any T34 built at hte same time.


I'll just say I read the technical data a bit differently. Petrol engine, less horsepower / ton, less vertical obstacle / fording / trench crossing, armor I'd call "comparable" except in the "easy eight" variant (when you take e.g. the thinner turret armor into account)... I'd agree if you'd prefer to call it a draw, but I don't see "out-performing" there. </font>

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But what about Russian tits - they were the equipment that fed the newborn patriots and made them so strong! Not only that, but they presumably were two of the three things that kept men sane in those hard times. Yes sir, I give MY vote to the swollen tits of Russian mothers!

Although, for the sake of fairness, I'm not so sure how they compared to the tits of other nations. We may need some comparisons here. Whose tits were the firmest, the biggest, the milkiest, the most vigorous, the tightest or the bounciest? What kinds of brassiers did women of various countries use in those years? White lace? Red satin? Dunkergelb mit Zimmerit?

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Hi now my best equiptment is the 88

its a multipurpose weapon with is easy to manufactor works against tanks , inf en planes

I dont know any weapon which has more purposes then this weapon.

Its very precise and can kill everything a great distances.

The only drawback is that is not an offensive weapon.

But my favourite is still the MAUS

I think until now there is no such tank assembled.

i know its to heavy but its a driving fort you cant destroy it.

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