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Bucholz map or other info?


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I'm desinging a scenario based on the fighting at Bucholz, Luxembourg, on December 16, 1944.

Would anyone happen to know anything about the topography of this village and its surrounding areas?

I know as much as the attacking German infantry was from 3rd battalion, 77th Regiment, 26th Volksgrenadier. Anything more specific would be great, especially concerning supporting units.

The American defense is anchored on Battery C, 109th FA Battalion and 2 halftracks from Battery A, 447th AAA Battalion. What units from 110th Regiment, 28th Infantry Division would be present? I am planning to set it early in the morning, before the Shermans of the 707th arrived.

All help is greatly appreciated.

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Haven't figured out how to use Google Earth yet, but that looks potentially very helpful. This, though, should be useful.


Here's some 28th Division OOB data.


Additional OOB data here.


Jackpot (topo map)


110th veteran's account here


Here's the relevant chapter from a history of the battle.



John Kettler

[ February 20, 2006, 02:05 AM: Message edited by: John Kettler ]

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You rang My Lord?

I assume that you are referring to the fight at Buchholz station - actually, it is still located in Belgium, not Luxemburg.

The lines were held by the US 99th ID, please have a look at the accounts in details at this place:

99th Infantry Division

Now, for the map details, your work is already half done because, as it happened, I have been playing a bit with the Mapping Misssion editor and guess what: I focused on the area of the Losheimergraben and Buchholz station.

I used following resources :

Topomap at 1: 10.000


I transformed it into a Digital Elevation Model, which looks like this:


I fiddled around a bit with the pixel values and imported the DEM into Mapping Mission. I added the roads, railroads, houses and forest patches. I had to adjust a bit the elevation tiles around the roads, but got a pretty good result.

I used also the information, I got from a brand new orto-imagery site, showing hi-res images of the belgian Ardennes.

See below example of Buchholz station area.


You can actually zoom in further. See also my post in the scenario forum The Ardennes from the air

So far I exported the map from mapping mission only into the CMBB-editor, but I will convert it into a CMAK map - thanks Pyewacket!- and send you a copy. You can use it for you scenario design and I will be happy to playtest it. I like to design maps, but I am just to lazy to look up correct OOBs and write briefings. ;)

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I stand correct. Apparently you were referring to Bockholz, which is indeed in the Grand Duchy of Luxemburg and which makes more sense, as you mention the 26th Volksgrenadier, since latter location was in the path of its advance. Sorry for the confusion. Can't give you much of additional info, except for Kettler's info above.

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Once again, thanks for the links John. That topo map should be especially helpful.

McAuliffe: Darn fine map work. That map almost makes me want to change the scenario to Bucholz station. Thanks for the attempt.

I've seen it spelled Bockholz, Bocholz, Bochholz, and Bucholz, but I chose to go with the Luxbourg spelling.

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Would anyone like to playtest this? It is in a very early form, but I'd like second (or third, or fourth) opinions on elevations and force balance.

It will have to be semi-historical, as I took a bit of creative license with the terrain, not having anything solid to work off of. Should work alright as it is geared towards playability.

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