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TCP-IP Tournament

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I've just started the Blitzkrieg Wargames Club 2004 Combat Mission TCP-IP Tournament. Currently there are 12 players with 1 reserve. Thought I’d put a posting on this forum to see if anyone else was interested in joining in.

This tournament is not for the faint hearted or unreliable, so only serious players apply please.

There will be 6 games to play in total. 2 x CMBO, 2 x CMBB and 2 x CMAK.

Players will play 3 games as Axis and 3 games as allied (1 from each type of CM)

Players need to join the Blitzkreig Wargames Club to participate:


To keep the impetus in the tournament, each round of games is to be completed within a 3 week period. (or quicker if possible)

Points will be awarded for various level of victory.

The eventual winner will be crowned the Blitzkeig 2004 Combat Mission TCP-IP Champion.

Please E-Mail me directly at 667.hab@dsl.pipe.com if you wish to join in.

The tournament details can be found at the following web site :


Strength and honour !


(P.S. The web site diary needs updating)

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Well the thing is guys I still have a real soft spot for CMBO, dated as it may seem to some against CMBB and CMAK.

I've already have 2 CMBB tournaments being played, along with a CMBO one and a CMBO campaign, so I thought I'd do something different. A 3 minute TCP-IP game calls on some different skills to a normal run of the mill PBEM game IMHO. I did all three games just for the hell of it, something different.


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