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Firing line and Flags game mechanics question

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I guess after having played CMXX for a while a few technical details are starting to make me curious.

In CMAK there is a red firing line when you are being fired at by an enemy tank. And, unlike CMBO, you can hit a tank any number of times but never know for sure whether you knocked it out until a later turn. Does the red firing line indicate that the tank is literally firing at that moment, thus give away whether or not you have knocked it out, or does it just stay red until the next turn?

Also, regarding the flags turning off and on, does your opponent see what you see? Are the flags kind of like red lights anouncing you have troops in the area? I'm playing a game with a lot of flags, are they giving hints as to my set up?

I've always kind of wondered about these two points, but have never nailed down the answers.

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The flags and even the % indicating win/loss is based upon what you (your men) see of and about the enemy.

You may see a flag as nuetral when in reality the enemy has had control of since turn one. Or the opposite, you have known that the enemy had the flag but you may now be unaware that he has lost the flag due to all his men being dead, yet until you know this the flag will be marked as his and the % win/loss will include this for him and against you.

However at the end of the battle all is summed up correctly.

Hope this helps.



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The red line indicates that your unit believes that it is being targeted by the enemy in question. It will persist even after the enemy is knocked out if you don't *know* it's knocked out (and if its final moments weren't an obvious attempt to quit shooting and retreat). Still, sometimes you can guess that an enemy tank is actually dead if it is targeting you but has not fired in a while.

So the red line means:

1) You can see the enemy in question.

2) You think it could be alive.

3) It appears to be intentionally aiming at you.

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