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Madmatt - Great Job on the Sounds!


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I just personally want to thank you for the great sound work in CMAK. The backgroud sounds are fantastic and are perfect while I am racking my brains on set-ups and movement turns! The voices are excellent and I am amazed at how many different phrases there are. I LOVE the sound of the M1 Garand being fired quickly and hearing the "spring" sound when the clip emptys!

I had taken about a 5 month break from CM before CMAK came out but in my defense I had been playing daily since Sept of 2000 with an average of 7 PBEM games at anyone time. But I must admit Ivan just did not do it for me. I missed Joe. I love playing as the USA which is my preference, but I also love kickin the USA's butt!

Kudos to the whole CM team. I have said it before and I will say it again. You guys are a jewel in the rough and I am glad you all took the chance to make BFC what it is!

Note: Matt we met on that fantastic outing at Fort Knox, which, I would LOVE to do again!

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Glad you liked them. For a while we weren't sure we were going to be able to include any new background sounds at all in CMAK but I persisted and got in all the ones we could fit. Originally there were to be a few more backgrounds but were removed for a variety of reasons. I will be releasing those unused sounds as a modpack down the road.


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Yep, me too, love the Aussies, love the swearing.

After Gerry slaughtering I heard someone say .." yeah, good one mate" I laughed for hours, even had my wife and daughters run into the study to check if the ol' bastard hadn't lost it.

[ex-Kiwi, had the brain surgery, now Aussie with papers to prove it].

Kudos' to you Matt, great sounds! :D;)

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I have to say I also am impressed with the sounds of all three CM games. When I was first introduced to them three years ago, I didnt know about the voice sounds and had my speakers turned down. It was the middle of the night and my first time playing it. All of a sudden during one of the Action Phases, I heard someone saying, "Got it Sarge!" and stuff like "Over Here!" You can imagine how it scared the crapola out of me. But I must say this latest edition really really impressed me. It was very nice to hear voices I understood again (my Russian and German is a little rusty).

Oh BTW Matt, say hi to your bro for me, he knows me and introduced me to CM, I was one of his students. Keep up the Good Work! :cool: ;)

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