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* Yes, it's true: Italian Uniform Mods Finally Released!!!*

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Some of you may have figured this out already, but, at long last, there are two--count 'em--two Italian uniform mod sets available for download now from The CM Mod Database!

As usual, these are complete, from-scratch remakes, although the continental uniforms are based on my CMBB Italian uniform mod, but are improved and stuff.

Numerous added details and improvements abound, including proper unit-specific cap badges and cool fighting knives for the paratroopers.

Here are a few pix:

Tropical airborne



Tropical infantry (mechanized almost the same)



Continental mechanized bersaglieri.jpg

Continental airborne


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Great stuff as usual Andrew, Thanks.

Also, are you thinking at all about revisiting the commonwealth uniforms? Your current ones look pretty good but they're a little plain at the back with just a water bottle. Have you thought about adding an entrenching tool or something to them? Pretty much like the one here:


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Originally posted by HeinzBaby:

Must be Italian week with the big infusion of Armour and uniforms lately :D

Simply amazing, love the Paras...

Great stuff chaps!

...only the Brit Paras to go smile.gif

Yeah, I think I've done all the uniforms except for the Brit Paras and, for some unfathomable reason, the Luftwaffe desert vehicle crew. Oh, wait, I didn't make a French uniform mod. Better get to work. ;)
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Hi Andrew

i' ve just played a game with italians in 1943 (no paras) and i've noticed that arms and side of the jackets are not of the same grey-green, like the rest of the uniform.

i've looked in the original .zip files, and afaik,there isn't any modded arms and jacket side ,so, have you forget to UL it or not made ? :D

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Originally posted by AndrewTF:

Well, I figured out the problem--they're the uniforms worn by the Italian army in "A Farewell to Arms"! Get it?


Actually, without too much explanation I made a stupid mistake when uploading the files. I'll fix and re-upload this evening.

Am still waiting with "Open Arms" ... ;)

[ June 20, 2004, 01:28 AM: Message edited by: Stingray ]

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