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CMAK 1.02 possible bug!

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A pbem opponent of mine upgraded to 1.02 and sent me the turn he processed with the new version from a game we started in 1.01. I upgraded to 1.02. The turn runs normally. However, after issuing my orders, when I click GO, instead of the filename screen, I get the opponents password screen . I've ran this three times, always with the same result on this file.

This might be a fatal bug for PBEM players. Can someone else test to see if they get the same problem?

Timothy Hessians

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Problem confirmed for me, too.

I'm on a G4 Mac on OS 9.2.

Prompted by this thread, I carefully set up a PBEM game. The first turn is just like PBEM play. ie, you get to give the file a name when the "play by email" dialogue box pops up..

Thereafter, it plays like hotseat. ie, you aren't given the chance to save each turn with a new name, a la PBEM. Instead, as described above, the opponent's password window comes up, as if it were hotseat play.

What's that distant sound I hear? Surely it's not Patch 1.03 thundering across the desert?

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Same thing happened to me and my opponent...I did as instructed and sure as **ll didn´t choose the hotseat mode...my opponent had the same problem. He could watch the action phase and make his moves. After clicking GO the axis password thingy appears :confused: :( :eek: :mad:

luckily we weren´t too far at the battle if there is no way to fix this problem than to start over...if anyone has a solution I would be happy to know. Other than this "minor" problem here thanks for the new patch :D

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I thought if I saved CMAK as "CMAK_101.exe" before I did the patch to (v1.02), I could still open CMAK as v1.01 and still play opponents who didn't care to upgrade.... But when I click on the .exe file I created, it asks me what I want to open the program with.

Anybody else have this happen?



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We have recently become aware of an issue with the v1.02 patch which disrupts Play By Email games. We are currently working on a new patch (v1.03) which will resolve this issue.

Until this updated patch is ready, we have decided to remove the older 1.02 patch files and requested the various file mirror sites to do the same.

The new v1.03 patch will be made available shortly.

We apologize for this issue and appreciate you patience while we get it fixed.


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