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***SIX New Total Redo Sherman Mods!!**

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The floodegates have opened! Run for your lives!

SIX more Total Redo Sherman mods for CMAK:

- M4A3 75mm Sherman (initial production)

- M4A3(w) 75mm Sherman (late production)

- M4A3 105mm howitzer Sherman (initial production)

- M4A3 105mm howitzer Sherman HVSS

- M4A3E8 ("Easy Eight") 76mm Sherman HVSS

- Sherman Track Pack (CMAK and CMBB)

Tell your friends. Wake the neighbors. ALL of the M4A3s in CMAK have now been redrawn!

They're as historically accurate as I could make them. Hunnicutt's "SHERMAN" reference book was at my elbow the whole time. I was especially frightened about redoing the HVSS suspension, but the HVSS suspension was what came out best of all! Also, tak a close look at the 105mm Sherman's new gun mantlet.

Whew. That was a chore. now on the the M4A1s. Here's the cmmods.com screenshots:

Sherman track pack


M4A3 105 howitzer HVSS

M4A3 105 howitzer early

M4A3(w) 75 late

M4A3 75 early

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"Mikey are you at work today?"

This should demonstrate my dedication to you's guys. I came all the way into town on a holiday in order to use the company web hookup to quickly upload my mods.

...Okay, there was a little thing about a giant 4th of July bash going on in-town too.

Which I'm leaving now to join.



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I finally got to play a proper scenario with my new mods in place. The good news is they make all the difference in believability. The bad news is I STILL got my butt royally kicked in the game! Every one of my beautiful Shermans K.O.'d by a first round penetration :mad:

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Out of curiosity, which of the Sherman track block type did you pick for use?

Me, I'm using HVSS track for CM-ETO (they don't look 'too' wrong for earlier suspension). Only problem is the HVSS track polygons do some funky stuff in motion.

For CMBB I'm using the steel chevron block for the tough Russian road conditions.

And for CMAK I have to consider all the Stuarts in the game and am using the square rubber block.

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Yup, it's my 1000th post and i dedicate it to MikeyD and his amazing mods.

This is one helluva monster mod release. Very much needed as well, Shermans looking great now. Was playing alot of CMBB lately but now it's time to come back to some CMAK action. smile.gif

Originally posted by MikeyD:

I finally got to play a proper scenario with my new mods in place.

What scenario are you refering to? I'm always willing to play a scenario that shows off some new mods. I just fired up a QB allied attack, but i prefer actual scenarios to the QBs.

Btw, im using the chevron tracks, no particular reason.

P.S. Why would women moan in ectasy over a 1000th post you ask? I don't have a clue, but it does get peoples attention. :D

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In the rush through France U.S. forces were concerned with friendly fire and Allied air attack so you see a lot of very big stars in photos. Infortunately, they made a nice aiming point for Panthers, so it seems bow and turret stars were first to go - by my unscientific observation.

By war's end stars were often very hard to find on U.S. armor. A possible exception was the 105 howitzer Sherman which was 'supposed' to stand back and play mobile artillery support (increased risk of friendly air attack). immediately post-war the BIG stars quickly reappeared on U.S. tanks in occupation.

So my VERY rough rule of thumb is the earlier the campaign the more & bigger the stars. Actually, start looking over old in-action photos in reference books. Type and frequency of star useage was all over the map!

By the way, those big yellow call sign numbers on the hulls are my interpretation of standard 6th Armor Div. markings.

Okay, to test my mods I played an all armor QB using the CD's 'Grand Boulevard ME' map to represent Ruhr urban fighting. Did not get a single break in that game.

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I had read a looong time ago that the 'circled' star was an early request by the Brits, claiming the war against Germany was an 'Allied' assault, hence the combining of the British roundel with the US Star.

This novelty may have worn off as the war progressed..

Another urban myth maybe?, but it sounded plausable at the time,,,

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I recall Patton was a stickler (maniac) for parade ground spit-and-polish. If you notice most of the Bulge 3rd Armored photos out there the Shermans still have multiple big stars on turret, bow, and hull side. That may have been Patton's influence. 1st Armored seems a lot less strick in that regard. A lot of armor on the far side of the Rhine looked to be completely free of stars, or stars painted over. 6th Armored is the most colorful - and underreported - of the bunch. Stars, calls numbers, vehicle names, unit badges. Very colorful stuff!

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