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July 1940 – East Africa + Boys ATRs


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A mate and I have decided to begin the beginning, so he's Italian boys, and I'm allies, and it's July 1940, East Africa (we've only played half a dozen turns so far PBEM, so not much has happened)... but....

What gives with the lack of any kind of meaningful AFVs for the Brits from July to December 1940 in East Africa? All I have to terrorise the Italian light tanks is ATRs and ATR carriers. And when I point my fearsome Boys anti-tank-rifles at the mighty Italian light tanks with their 37mm main armaments, I'm less than reasssured to see that my kill chances are rated at 'nil'.

So, if I can ever get some AT guns into place on this god-forsaken terrain, I'm in with a chance, but what gives with the appalling lack of any Allied AFVs not only in July, but for the rest of 1940?

When I get out my tank reference books, they say that a variety of AFVs served in East Africa, but did they all show up in 1941?

PS: I once read somewhere that it was said of the Boys ATR that it was only effective if you could poke it through the vision slit and shoot the driver! How bad is it?

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Odd, the documents that I have says that the Boys ATR faired "decently" against the italian tankforce in the opening stages of the desert war(and it wasn't until 1941 and the introduction of several heavier tanktypes that the Boys ATR became totally useless).

With just 6-30mm armor(and that of low quality!) the Boys ATR shouldn't really have any problems at ranges shorter than 100m.

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