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Covering arc question

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Does anyone know why you can set covering arcs for some vehicles and not others?

Yesterday I was playing a small QB. I was unable to set a covering arc for U.S. M10 GMC tank destroyers. The option was not available. My other vehicles were able to set covering arcs (Shermans, Stuarts, and M7 Priests).


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thats pretty good. one of those bastards took out my tiget this morning. i was not impressed. first it took out my 75 AT gun, then i backed up the tiger to shoot at the M10 (wolverine?) and it just put one right through my armour...end of story. i think he still had a sherman too, but i just quit out of frustration/suprise (SP game, i wouldnt do that to another human). some crack head in a another sherman took out my pzr IV in a similar fashion in the previous toss up too. it seems covering arcs really are important. the n key for next target is pretty handy as well. i suffer from the mental problem of premature tank ejaculation. i always rush them in too quick. i have been fighting this for many years, and am getting better, but it flares up now and then. patience and timing will win the day, my young jedi. and covering arcs will keep your idiot tank crews from being influenced by the dark side.

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