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wierd observation

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On a scenario ive made, ive got stukas flying round. Now one of them mad ther attack run and dropped its bomb inbetween a flak gun and a squad who were both ~ 1 tile away so like this

x b x

x representing the flak gun and the squad and the b as the bomb.

now the bomb ko'd the flak gun and nailed most of the gun crew, as well as annilating the squad.

Both the squads and the flak gun were in foxholes inside a sandbag emplayment.

Now for the imo wierd observation. I make some minor changes to the scenario (ammo wise) and reply ... this time the stuka attacks my 'mortar battery' 3 2inch mortars, a 3 inch one and a bren AA gun ... all in foxholes inside a single sandbag emplayment.

The stuka droppeed its bomb on teh corner of the sandbag tile and i thought i would have taken every one out but it only killed some of the 3inch mortars crew and ko'd the 3in ... everyone else was ok.

How come in the first incident the bomb wiped guys who wernt really close to the explosion but like in the 2nd incident when it litteraly falls on them most of them surive to keep on fighting :S

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