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trouble loading/starting game CMAK


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hi guys, i am having trouble installing my cmak game, i have had the game running on my pc before but had to do a clean up some time back and removed it. The problem i am having is the game installes about 90% and then comes up with an error saying that a file wont copy into the directory as it is in use with another programme, and it is unable to share or something to that effect. then asks if i wish to cancel setup or ignore, i have tried ignore and then when starting the game another error states the OpenPlay.dll is missing, i have a friend who e-mailed me this file from his game and i have placed in the right place in the game directory, Now all we are getting is a black screen for about 3 seconds and then back to desktop. My friend thinks it may be a graphics card problem. I am running a radeon 128 card and it tells me in the manual that i have to turn off Anti-Aliasing of which i cannot find anywhere in my display properties. any help would be much appreciated

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OK, it *sounds* like it might be that another program is running when you are trying to install CMAK. Perhaps the first thing to try is an uninstall, then a reinstall, and make SURE no other programs (especially anti-virus) are running in the background.

If that doesn't work, and you still think it's a graphics card problem (not likely if it's causing a CTD), then right click on the desktop. Go to Settings then Advanced. I forget exactly which tab it's under, but start checking around in those until you find Anti-Aliasing. If it's on, deselect it. I wish I could remember exactly what tab that is under as I used a Radeon for quite a while. Anyway, don't make ANY changes you are unfamiliar with. When backing out of menus (if you don't find the AA under that tab), use Cancel rather than "OK" - just in case. Good luck, and hopefully someone else here might be a bit more knowledgeable on this.


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