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Hi all

I dont know if someone have already seen this problem in CMAK BMP's folder ;

I have BMP's for :

DAK PZIIIF(8600-8613),

DAK PZIIIJ short(8620-8634),

DAK PZIIIJ short late(8760-8774)and

DAK PZIIIJ (8660-8674),

but I cannot see them in the availability list...

Only the following units appear in the list

DAK PZIIIG (8580-8593)

DAK PZIIIH (12380-12393)

DAK PZIIIJ late (8680-8694)

DAK PZIIIL (8700-8714)

DAK PZIIIM (12260-12271)

DAK PZIIIN (8720-8734)

I dont understand 'cause I've played with some Africa scenarios where I can see PZIIIJ short (B&T TCP Well of Souls)October 1942, but if I look for the same date in scenarios editor only the PZIIIJ late is available.

Maybe It's a bug ? Though I have CMAK english version with 1.01 Patch.

Someone can help me about this oddity ?

Thanks Pat.

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Originally posted by Tarkus:


Wasn't the PzIII F removed altogether from CMAK with 1.01 ?

Yes, PzIII F have been removed from CMAK, when Patch 1.01 is used, but I can't understand that way , cause Afrikakorps used PzIII E and F in Lybia, I wish BFC include both in the next Patch,

I have mods for them.


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Originally posted by junk2drive:

If you have the room on your hard drive, do another install of 1.00 with a different file name. You can then create a battle with the 111f in it and save the file, copy that file into your 1.01 scenario folder.

Thanks for help, I already have installed CMAK with different name "CM Normandy", I can play 1940 scenarios and 1944 scenarios, but I have not much bytes available in my HD at this moment. Pat.
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Originally posted by junk2drive:

If you need a battle with the PzIIIF in it, they are out there. I can research my files and find you one.

If you need I can upload PzIII's serie with the same " Heinzbaby " Africa sheme for yours 1.0 scenarios ; I give credit to him. Pat.
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