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question about kill information

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hi again guys, am playing a scenerio atm.

I have a Bren gun pinning down a tank hunter team while a rifle squad finishs them off.

When the tank hunter team information came up and showed it was down to one man i checked the kill information of the bren and rifle team to see who killed the german.

The bren showed no kills while the rifle squad showed 2 kills ... does this mean then that the computer had alredy decided who was going to make the kill? even half a minute before it actully happened?

After the tank hunter team was kia i checked the kill information of rifle team and it stilled displayed 2. I only did this to see if the kill information would display 3 for the final kill which was made but didnt which is a good thing lol ;)

I find this wierd, what happened here?

- Enigma

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