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Worse units in any CM game?

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Originally posted by michael_wittman44:

What is the worst forces you could get in a CM game? I don't mean to be nasty but for me its the Italians since unfortunately for them their leadership didn't give them decent weapons. Perhaps it was not having alot of raw resources.

They have some excellent armored cars. The M41 is a good close support tank with lots of MG ammo.

In combination with German forces they are pretty useful. I had an Italian Inf Company storm a hill held by 2 US Rifle Cos plus heavy weapons. Of course they were followed by Italian armor (M41, Semovente 75) and a PzGr Co. German tanks a bit back in overwatch. The Italians were pretty good as scouts. Guess my opponent was not sure of whether to open up on them and give away positions or stay put and let them come too close. He surrendered when I just had 2 M41s cresting a slope that would allow them to get at a Shermans flank.

If you ask about the most useless nation (in CM, that is) to pick, it will be the Italians.

For units, even a truck has its value when the map has covered routes where he can shuttle around a gun.

So my pick in useless units are "friendly" airplanes.



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Well, as for me, i hate:

- Trucks (the PSW / M5 SC have MUCH better offroad capacity)

- R-35 (my good! teh evil of all tanks ever made - thanks god, i never ever got him... *splurg*)

- Ampuloment (pretty useless, imho... Mortars are much better)

- mmG's (though good to delay an enemy and make him waste his ammo)

- Recoilless guns (though i like the design, they are to expansive - note: the 88mm "Püppchen" does not count for that... <3 Püppchen)

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That little Russian tank with the 37mm gun- the BT-2? It's so obsolete it cracks me up, so I guess I kind of like it.

Of the Renault and all these obsolete tanks, at least you can say they are a problem for enemy infantry.

I like the ampulomet because anything that makes fire is fun.

My real least favorite is the IS-2. It retreats from enemy tanks, reloads slowly, and seems to shoot rather inaccurately.

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Thanks for asking. It means 'Let valor not fail'. In other words, let our courage not desert us. It's Latin, and it's the motto of the US Army's 187th Infantry Regiment, known as the Rakkasans. Rakkasan is a Japanese word for parachute.

About the IS-2, yup, there are one or two interesting threads in the CMBB forum about the IS-2's weird behavior in the game, what it was really designed for (not fighting tanks, apparently), etc.

I agree with the above comment about rocket spotters. I just dumped a German 158(?)mm rocket barrage on the center of a Soviet defense and scored exactly one casualty from, what, 108 rockets. Fun to watch, but that's about all.

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In real life the Italians were very good soldiers,

The Soviets respected them deeply, but Italian equipment was awfull, the infantry was armed with a 6.5 mm rifle, the smg's were cheap and fragile, artilery was in short supply, vehicles and armor was a joke, most Italians were chronicly short of ammo, and were starving on their feet, because their own quartermasters corps was totaly corrupt and incompetent. the quality of officers was variable, but tended towards crappy,,,, the typical Italian infantryman had all the odds stacked against him

but he was a natural optimist, and he loved a good scrap, The Italians were general fairly tough as people,,, mostly peasants and fishermen, they were not well educated, but they were smart, The traditional Italian sense of comunity meant that units tended to be very cohesive, they held together in adverse conditions,

But in CM they suck,,,,,,,

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Italians were "really good soldiers" if "really good" means "worst in the war", maybe, in the land of unhurt national pride where all children are above average. In the real world, they sucked at least as much as they do in CM. They never won a battle under their own command, and were smashed to atoms whenever they were in the main line of a major allied attack.

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