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**Now Four Brit SHERMAN Mods!!**

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Now let's start on the Commonwealth Shermans!

- Sherman I (early) [M4 early]

- Sherman II (early) [M4A1 early]

- Sherman IB [M4 105]

- Sherman IIA [M4A1 76mm]

At our favorite site of course:


Four Shermans for people who aren't Americans! Like my U.S. Shermans, they're plain mods with the marking in a separate 'decals' folder.

Here's some cmmods.com screenshots:

Sherman IIA

Sherman II (early)

Sherman IB

Sherman MkI (early)

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Thanks Mikeyd for yet another clutch of excellent mods. The level of detail you manage to bring out is quite mind boggling. I look forward to the other Shermans rolling off your production line when you have the time. Slowly but surely you guys are working through the Italian front allied vehicles. Please don't stop as there is plenty to do! For instance could somebody have a crack at all those Churchills? maybe the universal carriers too as both these vehicle types appear in a good number of scenarios and the base art is pretty lame when compared to the kind of stuff now available at cmmods.


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I've already done it,

a plain Brit green MkIII/V for BO, (same dark Drab as my Fireflys), just haven't gotten round to uploading to CMMODS yet- I'm in the middle of Emar's 'Blut & Ehre' Op BO, up till' past midnight each damn evening...

Whatever MikeyD can mod, I can pinch for BO :D

...will upload tonight

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