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Planes Shot Down

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Never have I seen a smoke trail, and sorry to say this, but I should know if this happens, I've shot down hundreds of planes. Are you sure it didn't fire rockets?

An aircraft kill is displayed by a small midair explosion (so small it's hard to differentiate beteeen it and 37/40mm AA bursts) and an explosion soundeffect. Your best bet is checking all the AA guns and flexible mount vehicles. They almost always get their kill performed.

Only once did I get a kill in the end score afterwards that I never saw back in the AA units neither during or registered afterwards. Yes, I did check every AA capable craft and no AA capable unit routed off map. That was a bit of a baffler.

But on the portrayal of AA kills is equal to aircraft portrayal itself: Very much lacking.

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IMHO "shadow is gone" does not equal downed plane. If the shadow vanishes around the board edge the plane might as well have left the map (depending on sun and flight path).

Current PBEM I only found out that I shoot down a plane when my AD's kill stats showed it (A one burst kill :D ). The shadow did not vanish as it was shot down near or outside the board edges.

My opponent still has to trust me that it is gone forever.

There's no influence on planes - no radio contact. Thus you don't know if it is still there except if it appears again. If it doesn't comeb ack it might be to scared, to damaged or crashed.

All you can do is guess (except when the kill stat says it is gone). And a vanishing shadow is a good base for a guess.



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I enjoy playing he campaign at Maleme as the Germans on AK.

Does the plane attack continue at random thru the entire 20 turn battle? or do they just hit once and run.

I am wondering because attacking the first set of guns at the airfield takes on more importance and worth more casulties if you can keep the planes active for a longer, more effective time.

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They have a bomb load and a set number of straffing runs available - once those aer used up they're gone from the game.

I'm playing that Operation as teh allies PBEM - it's lots of fun....sort of!! :eek:

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it is believed by people who believe such things that Finns figured out their own, very special AA device.

after several months living in the woods eating nothing but rations, reindeer & the occasional officer the Finnish soldier would weave a special mat out of hand mashed bark & rags.

then, using their own excretia which was now increadibly sticky, the soldier would smear this over the mat & throw it at any aircraft stupid enough to encroach lower than 3 miles within their airspace.

this "plane paper" proved to be very successful. it was however only done in extremis, as the wreakage from any plane was usually given to the women to weave into their beards as decoration & they disliked the smell.

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