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Kingtiger haunt this forum until it dies.


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Only a solution can resolve (Try to found another thing to resolve a problem; it's a real challenge! :rolleyes: ) this problem ; a new patch.

A new patch would be a miracle. (I hope there is somebody who can believe to miracle. ;) )

Another question about Kingtiger:

How many Kingtigers (in percentage of all Kingtigers produced) were involved in Eastern front?

In western Front?

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11 s.Pz.Abts in total.

2 in NA (neither with KTs though)

2 or 3 in Italy (again, none with KTs)

3 in NWE (2 or 3 with KTs)

'the rest' in EE.

Without a date, though, 'what percentage' is a meaningless question, since the number of Abts varied wildly, and the changeover from Ts to KTs took years to complete.

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The numbers I gave are correct (to the nearest 5)for the period up to Jan 1945. The only doubt would be the various Units flung together in the last few months of the war and even then the number of TII's would be small compared to those serving in the East.

2 Formations were indeed transfered East but Heer 503 left all its 26 issued TII's as wrecks (though doubts remain over 2 TII(p))and SS 501 took 30 TII's with them but left 29 hulks.

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