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bug - you decide...

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Playing a great little scenario when all of the sudden a little German shrek pops up and takes a shot at my friendly Sherman. Now, this is no ordinatry Sherman - it is a 105. The 105 has 45 rounds of HE but decides he had better save that stuff for a rainy day an preceeds to his MG at the shrek for a full minute. The shreck gets off 3 shots in total (turns out he is elite) and one penetration of the tank killing/wounding a crew. My question is this. The engagment happend at 80m and this is an obvious threat (IDed shrek) and yet my tank (regular) does not fire his big gun at the shrek. Strange? I think so but maybe someone else has a view on this...


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It is realistic that the tank uses it's MG to engage single small infantry groups in self-defense at shorter ranges. Even guns would sometimes only be fired on by the MG.

The difference is that the MG allows you to apply a constant stream of supressive fire. Constant supression is more useful for the survival of the tank than single (better) chances to kill with pauses in between.

Whether it's realistic that an identified Schreck in a building under constant fire from a coaxial MG gets off additional accurate shots is a different matter, but that would be hard to solve without making the building model more complicated.

Also, in real life the hull MG would deliver a lot more fire in self-defense than it does in CM.

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