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Question for the Staff

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It would be great to see these tanks in the latest version of CM, but I doubt if any of these tanks fought in Italy (maybe Cromwells). And I can't help but wonder, when they say "no more patches", do they mean "no more patches", or just "no more patches, except for when someone has an idea they want in the game".

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No, no I suggest that a few of us ought to take pictures of ourselves posing like this and then threatern the BFC that we'll all start swomping the forums with posts of them until there is the promise that some CMx1 improvement upgrades will be worked upon garenteed. ( Don't expect me to show some skin though, I'm too good looking, hehe.)

BTW when I asked if there will be a CMx1 version 1.4 some BFC replied categorically no, nope they are like totally done girlfriends with the CMx1 donk!

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Originally posted by Hans:

Actually if you made a business proposal to them

they might accept (I think they are too busy however) basicly have them quote you a cost for writing that amount of code.

Expect a lot of zeros

However again, they are a business and businesses run on money.

A zero with alot of zeros behind it?

cant be that hard can get to add 4 lil tanks in (saying that i cant program that good ha!)

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