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Suomi-Sverige, oh yeah... I'm already playing with KarlXII, as an appetizer. :D

How many would be interested? What kind of system should we have? Maybe we could have semi-finals and then a LAN final between two national Champions on a Helsinki-Stockholm ferry (other participants subsidise the tickets). smile.gif

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I asked around last December, but there were not very many interested parties. ATM my RL is fully booked and no chance to participate. I played with the idea of arranging it in out company conference-room which usually have the possibility to set up LANs...

The idea of arranging it on the ferry isnt bad, its in fact brilliant. A problem might be that nobody will be in any shape to use a computer. At least of the Finns, the sissy Swedes dont know what to do with a proper vodka-bottle. They probably keep it on their pretty little IKEA-shelf for its visual aspects...

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Originally posted by Gurra:

You almost did it a couple of days ago, in World Cup...almost...as usual. ;)

Even Teemu Selänne said afterwards that he felt like laughing when the equalizer came... it's amazing how the games always seem to turn out us leading first, and then you guys coming even (or above) during the last few seconds.

Too bad you couldn't do the same with the Czechs though.

Wonder if the fin-swe CM battles would go the same way.


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Hah. In 1995 I was on a business trip to Stockholm.

"Have you ever seen an ice hockey game" I was asked. Thought it might be fun, had never seen one. Turns out one of my colleagues coached the Swedish coach's son's hockey team. So my first and only game was the Finnish-Swedish world cup final..., with good seats!

I remember that half the crowd wore blue and yellow viking helmets, the other half white and blue. And they kept on singing about some SMG.

The parties afterwards were fun too...

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OK! So which events should we include? 100 m artillery bombardment? See how far you can drive a tank trough a mine field? 400 m hurdles through the 100 m artillery bombardment?

BTW. What happened to the close games Sweden always had against the Czechs. It was always a safe bet if you put your money on 3-3 or something like that.

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