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A Couple More Graphical Oddities w/Weapons

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The Commonwealth Vickers HMG (1934.bmp) never shows up in-game. Every water-jacketed HMG shows up as the 1917 Browning (1943.bmp). Somebody transpose a number?

The hard-coded tripod for the .50cal is too small for the gun --- there's a big gap where they should meet.

The US sniper always has a M1 Garand (1915.bmp) instead of the '03 Springfield (1942.bmp) --- even though the French, once they start using US kit, do have the '03.

(Oh, and that was cute using 1911.bmp for the 1911 Colt).

[ December 12, 2003, 05:46 PM: Message edited by: von Lucke ]

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