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CMAK is not the same theater as CMBO. You do not have access to the same tanks and other troops necessarily that you have in CMBO. So it is not a way to replicate CMBO with CMBB rules.

But you can do most of CMBO with CMAK.

I have not played CMBB because I am not particularly interested in the Russian front. I find the pre-generated scenarios for CMAK to not be to my liking - basically empty desert for NA or fatalistic assaults in Italy. But you can certainly create your own scenarios (even using quick battles) that will have a decent France campaign feel.

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I purchased and played CMBO a lot because I was interested in the theatre of operations.

I did not, until very recently, purchase CMBB because wasn't so interested in the Eastern Front. About a month ago I saw the game on sale for £9.99 and bought it - still haven't installed it though!

I preordered CMAK from Battlefront and received it 10 days ago...installed it...and am very impressed and enjoying it immensely.

I knew very little about the WWII campaigns included in CMAK beyond popular war films, but this weekend I went out and got a couple of books on the North African theatre - an interest in history inspired by the game rather than the other way round!

Still not too inspired to try CMBB though - I, too, much prefer playing as UK/US/Commonwealth forces.

Take from that what you will...

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I loved CMBO ( still installed on HD since November 2000 ) and in spite that CMBB is technically a better game I enjoyed it less ( and played it less ) than CMBO mainly because of the theatre of operations.

I did not intend to purchase CMAK but when I played the Demo and particularly the Line of Defense scenario I got the same feeling as when I played the CMBO's demo

I play CMAK since a week now and still have the same feeling I had when I played the Demo : CMAK gives me the fun of CMBO and the improvement of CMBB ( and CMAK )

So if you loved CMBO , go for CMAK.


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I like CMAK a lot better than CMBB.

The awful vehicle turn rates have been lifted somewhat and instead of slow and extremly slow artillery you now have useful artillery for both sides.

I also hate some more of the delay features in CMBB which are not in CMAK. In my opinion, most of the hacks to have the Russians a little handicapped in the commmunications department didn't actually work well.

Plus I like running around in Hellcats :D

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Me, I LOOOOOVE CMBB! all those cool Russian tanks and giant factories and Sturmtigers and stuff. Plus That game cried out for modding. I have no complaints about CMBB.

But I've been playing CMBB for a full straight year and it's past time for me to expand my horizons. CMAK is the perfect compliment to CMBB. I think of the two as one vast game.

Of course with CMBB you need to download/construct about 500 megs extra mod artwork to get everyhing as pretty as CMAK is out of the box :D

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Originally posted by Thin Red Line:

Graphically CMAK is the best of the three. CMBB will stay an absolute must for long because of the theatre.

CMBO was a nice game but now it's history. IMHO.

Well said. To me, there are a few more interesting graphical "goodies" in CMAK compared to CMBB. For example, when tanks "brew up" in CMAK, they do it gradually. In CMBB they go from being ok to having a huge billowing black smoke cloud and flames pouring out of them. Dust clouds are kicked up from vehicles in CMAK, not so in CMBB.

These are the visual "goodies" I am referring to. Don't get me wrong, they are really nice touches to a great game! I like it in the East though, even without the visual goodies. Some of the many, many mods that have been created for CMBB make up for some of CMAK's new visual stuff.

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If you like CMBO, then I think you'll also like CMAK. Price is great. Buy it but of course try the demo first.

My opinions...

Most of the battles you could set up in CMBO will be essentially duplicatable in the better arena of CMAK. You can't import the scenario from CMBO but it could be rewritten. In fact some folks are doing that at the "Proving Grounds".

I'm an unpaid amateur but am working on "CMBO-2", a project to bump the duplicatability percentage up by changing some CMAK BMP uniform files. I'm trying to play Ardennes using CMAK for example. We'll never have CMAK totally replace what CMBO covers due to some vehicles being absent (Pershing, Puma, kingTiger, Jagdtiger...) and no bocage terrain. But no big deal to cry over.

I am really impressed with CMAK. I haven't played CMBB at all. Except th demo. I am noticing things during the game that I didn't see at all in CMBO.

Biggest reason I want a CMBO-2 is the QB editor in CMAK allows me to adjust ammo, casualties, etc.

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I've had a chance to play just one scenario in CMAK, and I've enjoyed it. It is an awesome game, so I guess it comes down to which theater inspires you more.

I will always lean towards the east front. It's where the entire European war was won and lost.

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