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Infantry assaulting from carriers


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Is it possible to get infantry to ride a carrier up to a jump off point and then disembark and assualt once the carrier has finished it's waypoint?

Seems like a stupid question, but every time I try to do it, the infantry disembarks at the start of the turn, and then runs off after the APC. Do I acutally have to move the vehicles to where I want them to disembark, and then wait for the next turn to move the infantry out?

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It is a command delay thing. If the infantry are going to move out before the vehicle starts up, they will dismount and go on foot. If the vehicle moves first, they will ride until the vehicle stops and then get off. That's mechanics, the way to use it depends on the length of the ride.

Often the best thing is to give the riders no orders, give the vehicle an order with all its waypoints. Then the next turn, the vehicle is in motion toward its destination at the start, with the men on board without an order. Give a dismount order then, and in the next minute of execution they will hold off until the vehicle finishes its move, then instantly dismount and move out without any delay.

When the move is going to be completed in one minute things get trickier. You can't combined mounting and dismounting in one minute - though you can dismount at the start of the following minute, after mounting and riding in the previous minute. A trick to get an immediate dismount from a moving vehicle, e.g. in an ambush, is to halt the vehicle and give a dismount-advance or dismount-run order. The men get off "everybody out" the first second.

The trickiest bit is - stationary vehicle with men already mounted at the start of the turn, move to be completed in one turn, with the desired move order - vehicle command delay, vehicle move, vehicle complete move and halt, men dismount and move off. The issue there is the delay for the dismount move has to be longer than the command delay of the vehicle, so the vehicle is in motion by the time the dismount order "fires". That is what makes them hold off and ride to the end of the vehicle waypoints. If the riders gets to the end of its command delay and the vehicle is still stationary, they will get off and walk, not ride. It is easy to flub this.

That is why it is better to use the rule mentioned first, and give the dismount order at the start of a turn when the vehicle is already in motion, with all its waypoints given beforehand and all its command delays over. You can't screw that up, it works every time.

I hope this helps.

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