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A Simplier Question

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Rarity expresses how common a particular

vehicle is in the army in any given month

during the war.

Older models of tanks become rarer,

as they are destroyed or replaced

by newer models...newer models are rare

at first, maybe only a few select battal-

ions get them...then become common.

Rarity acts a multiplier of unit point

cost: rare vehicles (not necessarily good

tanks,just rare)cost more points; common ones less.

Hope that's clear...

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Originally posted by Axel:

Yeah thanks but when you buy units where goes the rarity limit. eg 150+ rarity is it most unlikely that I could have found this unit IRL?

I'm not how sure the rarity values go? I think 150% is the highest I've ever seen. And yes, the higher the rarity value, the fewer units of that type present in that theater at that time.
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Originally posted by Axel:

Giant tank. How come I never heard of it?

I can't say for sure, but probably because it was another one those of those goofy German programs that never went anywhere or had any effect on the outcome of the war. The last time I heard the Maus mentioned was in a book of odd facts back in the 70's.
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Not just the Germans:

Tortoise Super-Heavy Tank A39:

Designed 1944

Number built 6

Weight 78 tonnes

Length 10.0 m

Width 3.9 m

Height 3.0 m

Crew 7 (Commander, gunner, machine gunner, 2 loaders, driver, co-driver)

Armour 178-228 mm (33 top)

Primary armament 32-pounder (96 mm)

Secondary armament 3 x 7.92 mm Besa MG

Engine Rolls-Royce Meteor V12 petrol 600 hp Power/weight 7.7 hp/tonne

Suspension torsion bar

Speed 19 kph (road), 6 kph (offroad)

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6kph offroad?, that's more WW1 to me. But the germans did still make the best tanks, except for the maus tank etc. :D

"Crew 7 (Commander, gunner, machine gunner, 2 loaders, driver, co-driver)" Never heard of co-driver in tanks doesn't it take up too much room, well of course there was room in the tank you're talking about.

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