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potentially stupid question

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Originally posted by tacitrain:

What is the light radio car for? What does it do?

It carried a radio...

Armoured divisions usually had armoured signals units; their main task to keep units on the battlefield in communication with each other, and with higher headquarters; also to keep the division in contact with corps headquarters, etc. Units also had to be able to contact air and artillery assets.

Reconnaissance units also used radio cars, to quickly communicate what it was they were finding on the battlefield. Intelligence is very much time sensitive in war; the quicker you can pass on information the better.

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It would be a boon to recon units if the radio cars could "link" up otherwise out-of-command recon units. Large maps bring this issue to the forefront.

Edit: For example a platoon of Sd.Kfz.222 could be spread across a wide frontage and linked up to their HQ with an Sd.Kfz.223 in the middle, kind of hanging back to avoid direct contact with the enemy.

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