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Sicily JPEGs For Mods Available Here


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After having my house put into CMAK for the Sealion Mod I realised that Mod Designers can make use of JPEGS of buildings to great effect.

I am not sure if what I have is of any interest but I am sure you will ignore this if not.

I have recently returned from Sicily and taken shots of various buildings including those that have seen better days.

I was "lucky" enough to be take on a tour of a friends village that had been hit by an earth quake and left in that demolished state while they rebuilt the new village near by.

I also have some shots of a deserted railway station and all the buildings are WWII vintage and untouched by modernisation.

Finally I have some good shots of the rolling countryside which would help designers see how the land actually looks.

I will try and post some shots this weekend and if anyone wants the full set I will give you details where to get them, or send them to you.



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I will try and get them up on my web space on Saturday. If not it will be following weekend.

As for where I went my friends family is based near Montevago and he took me to the following places.

Eryx, Selinus -> Both are stunning and I want to spend a week or more back on the island seeing similar sites.

Sciacca and a small coastal resort that I can not remember the name / find it on a map.

A wonderful country to visit and so much history. Well worth a visit if you ever get a chance.

For those in the UK we are lucky to have cheap flights at £80 return (or less) which makes long weekends a treat and very cheap.


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I lived in Siracusa (southeastern Sicily) for 3.5 months. Went for a visit, found a job as an Enlgish teacher and stuck around for a bit while

my girlfriend (now wife) had an apartment there (she was doing research there). I did some hiking around the area, and there were little concrete bunkers everywhere (that's what they looked like anyway). They looked like domed-shaped concrete-fortified foxholes.

I agree with a previous poster - wonderful place; I'd love to go back. Almost no tourist infrastrcuture, which is a little surprising given that there's so much to see. Siracusa, a town of over 100k, had less than half a dozen hotels, none of them large.

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