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CMX2 Campaign


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You know what I would like with the new CMX2 would be a campaign map of a very basic form, so you could include your own maps, play a little armchair general and also then zoom down to a battalion battle and play that.

Also instead of random artillery or air available when you choose quick battles, you instead get what has been assigned as a armchair general.

Also this campaign also allowed to be turned into a multiplayer campaign, where you can fill in the results of battles manually.

This would really open CMX2 up and add a new element of gameplay, rather then CMX2 just becoming some rehashed with better graphics on a different front.

Its nice playing historical battles and all but I would like to see what if germany lasted till 46 and what new tanks would been used, what if the allies assault was repulsed in DDay what if german factory tank numbers were not hampered by allied bombers and they were able to keep up production on the russian front. Having a campaign may help shift some balances.

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