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mods and XP

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Two small problems I hope someone can help me with. The first is finding the CMAk Normandy pack now the CMMods is down - anyone have one on another site I can get to?

The second is the 1.03 patch, which consistently refuses to work, saying it can't load because Opendll is missing. Is this a Windows XP-related problem? I have tried re-installing the original game etc etc, with no success. I would like the patch because there are a few scenarios that not only won't play on my machine, but actually lock up entirely - Sicily 43 is one, Bridge at Cheneux another and there are more.

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Are you using the European (CDV) version of the game? If so, you have to install the patch to the Combat Mission 3\Run directory (or some such thing), rather than just the Combat Mission 3 directory. Put it in the wrong place, and you get the Opendll error, in my experience (it certainly happened to me on win XP).

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