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New (old?) idea!

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I have a great recommendation (I conducted a vote at home and it was unanimously voted to be great, so I can call it great!)

Why don’t we make a new discussion group called After Action Reports. Then people could start threads detailing how their games went with screen shots, etc. so that newbies can learn from great veterans (or other peoples mistakes)

(and yes, I was the only one home when I conducted my vote)


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I don't see it happening for two reasons:

1. People have requested a "Mods" forum forever and it hasn't happened...

2. An image intense forum isn't going to be well received either.

Now, there are a few sites with good AAR's. In the scenario discussions forum is a link to another forum where an ongoing set of AAR's are housed (sorry, don't have the link off-hand, but should). There's also the Band of Brothers website, the ROW AAR's at Boots and Tracks and if you feel like writing a bit, we can use some playtesters at The Proving Grounds where our scenario discussions area is very "AAResque". ;)

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