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Need recommendations - re: High Res, terrain mods - stock theatres


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Okay guys, as CMMODS has no screenshots available for CMAK terrain elements, I need your recommendation for the BEST LOOKING tree, tree base, Grass/sand mods out there. Stock theatres only (i.e., not NW Europe, Pacific). I'm not concerned with elevation contour visibility and don't want any gridded terrain; just what are the best looking, high res basic terrain mods available.

Thanks in advance.

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Trees: TanksALot's. The only ones available.

Treebases: My own, AFAIK the only ones released for CM:AK so far. See link below for piccies. You can view Ed's trees in most of them too.

BTW, there are screenshots for both these mods at CMMods.

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my suggestion


use the photo search for current pics of the area. make sure you search for date more than just one day. there should be enough pics to give you an idea of what the area looks like in different seasons. then you can pick the mods that best suit the area.

all assuming you've not been to italy and want to know what it really looks like.

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