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Daimler Armoured Car and Desert Rats

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I recently rented the movie Desert Rats on DVD. Great movie. It tells the story of an Australian division holding Tobruk in North Africa during 1941. Told mostly from the point of view of an Australian company and its British commander played by Richard Burton.

Anyways, my question is regarding a British armoured car that made an appearance during the movie. It has a turreted gun mounted on it, powerful enough to take on a Panzer tank (probably a Panzer III or IV). I was interested to know what kind of armoured car this was. So I did some digging and came to the conclusion that it was a Daimler armoured car.

CMAK has this vehicle but it seems to only be available starting from July 1942. The Tobruk battles took place during 1941. I know that you can't always trust the movie producers to use historically accurate vehicles and equipment so I checked this site:


This page says that the Daimler AC was available starting in 1941. At the bottom of the page, it says 1940 for start of production.

Can anyone confirm the time period that this vehicle was available? Plus, if anyone else has seen this movie, whether I was correct in identifying it as a Daimler AC.

It would be nice to have this vehicle available during 1941 for a Tobruk scenario.



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