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Nice scenarios on the demo, btw.


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The stinkin' AI beat me on the Italian scenario last night... which has not happened in a while. Will no doubt play it again, and again while I wait for my order to get filled, but first impression was that the AI was not as predictable.

The map is very nice, seems quite realistic looking to me. Love the grapes by the way!

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I must say, I was very disappointed by the choice of scenarios in the demo. Why are both American versus German? It would have been a great deal better if BFC had included a Commonwealth versus Axis scenario IMHO. Not everybody in the world wants to play Americans all the time. Was this a conscious decision or one made which merely assumed that unless it had Americans, no one would be interested?

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Originally posted by ParaBellum:

I guess it could have something to do with the fact BFC tried to keep the demo size reasonable low. Adding a third party would mean all the additional 3d models, bmps, sound files etc...

In CMBO you hard Germans&US, in BB Germans&Soviets.

Not true, the models and bmps are totally different for each side. One is in Italy and one is in Africa. Each scenario has it's own different units.
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The models and textures are different, but all of the audio files are the same so that is a huge space saver. It was touch and go that we could have both an Italian and African scenario and it took a lot of work to fit it under the 100mb limited we were aiming for, so Im glad most of you guys appreciate the effort.

If you want more then that is what the order button is for smile.gif


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Possible MINOR spoiler alert?

I too was incredibly pleased by the scenario choice. Both were excellently balanced, dynamic, and offered an interesting play each side, at least against the AI. I also found the AI to be a bit more clever this go-around. On defense it seemed somewhat more patient and less likely to expose itself (coupled with some paranoia-inducing "Extreme" FOW). It also mounted the most effective simultaneous multi-axis attack I've ever seen it do in Fruhlingswind, but that may just be coincidence and spacing given that I defended forward.

Personally, the nationality mix wasn't a problem for me - we all know about the depth of TO&E that'll be coming with the real game. I look on the demo as a way to introduce the setting, as well as acclimate vets to the tweaks, enhancements, and style changes. I remember being shocked at MG effectiveness and AT-rifles when I first played the CMBB demo, for example. Realizing the uselessness of my M3s in Hull Down sitting behind a ridge was similarly enlightening, if a bit humbling.

Realistically, it's not like the demo swung my vote on whether or not to tip the Mastercard... but I appreciate the work that must've been involved to tide me over for a couple of weeks.

[ November 20, 2003, 11:25 PM: Message edited by: AlmightyT ]

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