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CMAK via Direct2Drive

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(NOTE: I have searched the forums for this answer already so don't tell me to search.)

I am considering getting CMAK via Direct2Drive, but Martin mentioned in another thread that any patches would have to be downloaded from Direct2Drive due to copy protection issues.

When I look at the Direct2Drive website there are no available patches for CMAK. So my question is...If I download CMAK from Direct2Drive what version am I getting?

If it's version 1.03 then that's great. If it's not that version how to I upgrade it to version 1.03 or when is the ETA for Battlefront.com to deliver a compatible patch to Direct2Drive for posting for CMAK.

Just want some clarification on this from someone in the know. I'm trying to get some folks in my area involved in this game and Direct2Drive is a GREAT way to do this since it doesn't require mail order shipping and keeps the game under 40 bucks. My only concern is adequate support because my experiences with Battlefront have all be stellar and I was one of those folks affected by the initial pressing of the CMBB CDs.

Take care and I hope someone can answer this one for me ! smile.gif

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Originally posted by Sivodsi:

A patch is a patch. IF there is another patch it will be a file which you will download from the servers at battlefront and install as is.

Nope. The d2d version would require its own patch. The d2d version doesn't require a CD, so it uses a completely different copy protection method.

However, its already been stated that there won't be another patch to CMAK, so no problem

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