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Originally posted by WOLFIEJR:

rgr that thank u sir

It's wonderful, to come in here, and see these bright young minds discovering the game. Even being so daft and new that they call Grog Dorosh sir, rather than 'You pustule'. or 'You little horror.'

It fills me with a feeling of wonder. A feeling of joy. A feeling that they'd better start using the vowels and consonants that they sold to buy drugs, and getting off drugs long enough to use proper sentences, punctuation, and capitalization!

But that's just me. Never mind, look away, it's just an Old Man's fancy. I'm simply taken back to those days when the Nuns would strike you sharply with a ruler for using things like 'u', and 'rgr'.

Mind, I wasn't taught by Nuns. In fact, the Church requested that I never be allowed near Nuns, for fear of the impact on the environment.

But, as I've gotten older, and older, and even 'really old', I understand why there should be Nuns hitting people up sharpish. But in this new, modern, high-tech society, I think that people should be hit with tasers. Perhaps repeatedly.

What was I saying again?

Oh, that's right. Someone put a dart into Dorosh, and bring me my big book of 'proper English'...

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