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I'm really peeved at the spotting abilities of buttoned-up tanks.

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I was playing CMBB (yes, this is the prelude to a suggestion though) and a T-34/85 on uneven ground (15 degree slope, the gun was not facing the house) spotted my FJ squad readying to fire at the T-34, and it ended up routing the FJ squad.

This has peeved me, for CmX2 I suggest that actual ray-tracing from viewports (all of them) for spotting, not the current system.

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One thing to remember, your 9 man squad is represented abstractly by those three characters. So just because the 3 amigos appear safely hidden behind a building the 'footprint' of the squad should be considered to be somewhat larger.

Also if the squad can see the tank the tank can usually see the squad, especially 3-man-turret tanks with cupolas like the T34-85. If that were a buttoned BT you could've probably walked up and pounded on the turret side without being spotted! :D

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I agree. Spotting infantry is simply to easy, even under EFOW. When I was testing "Haunter in the Dark", a scenario in which 60 small teams of germans attempt to ambush a bunch of T34s in a town at night, I was rather surprised to find out how easily the small teams, even in cover, were spotted. Two guys attempting to sneak under the cover of darkness are actually awfully hard to see at 30-40m. The T34s consistently spotted them.

I vote for EEFOW (Extra Enhanced Fog of War) in the next incarnation of CM.

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