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ETO Tank Battalion Histories Available

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I changed the colors on the links page. Let me know what you think. When I try to change the font on the Homepage, it screws everything up. I am an HTML ignoramus using only Word to create my pages, and it took me so long to get the page to work at all with the web ring thingy that I believe it will just have to stay blue-on-green!

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I'm a novice at HTML and a Mac guy also but may I suggest an easy fix for your blue on green background problem. Open up your Word doc and scroll about half way down to this area:

body bgcolor="#506f19" lang=EN-US link=blue vlink=blue style='tab-interval:


Change #506f19" to "#D3CAAC"

Your homepage will now have the same background color as most of your other pages. I couldn't figure out how to keep the green background and make the links black. I would also suggest changing the "title" (via the HTML coding) of your homepage, currently called "Homepage", to Harry Yeide's Homepage or something to that effect. Makes it easier to bookmark etc.

[ June 10, 2005, 10:31 AM: Message edited by: _UXcva ]

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Thanks for the compliment, Mr. Hellfish. I have a book coming out (sometime) called "Weapons of the Tankers" that covers the tank battalions a bit in North Africa, Italy, and the Pacific, including the amphibian tank and amphibious tractor battalions. I've heard that another author has a history of the Pacific tank battalions in the mill. Cheers.

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Hi Harry, just finished reading "The Tank Killers" for the second time. I really like the descriptions of how the TD's were actually used in combat.Looking forward to reading more of your material. Fancy a PBEM? My addy's in my profile.


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