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CMMOS for CMAK info-update

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Well it has been a long slog but I am almost complete with making CMMOS work with CMAK.

I have "almost" all the filelists done, maybe a bit of cleanup that is all.

The rulesets are done, need to think about the British one but a minor problem.

I have changed how the rulesets are laid out a bit easier to follow I hope.

Maybe by this weekend it will be finished. I would like a second opinion on a few things but I think I have a victim...sorry, volunteer interested in giving it a look.

Then I just need to get a coworker to get it in a format that you can install. Then to find a place to post it.

I do need to give some serious credit for Darknight and Gurra for their cooperation. Gurra did the terrain rulesets himself. New filelists, new rules, new icons, new everything. Excellent work and it saved me a huge amount of labor, more thanks than I can offer.

Darknight helped with ridding some of my more stupid ideas about the Brits. He is now working up a complete British Desert Army order of battle that will allow you pick almost which squadron up to which divison you want to fight. The work he did in CMBO was massive, I am looking forward to this one.

Then there is Gordon, hhe did the program changes that allow CMAK support. After this I cannot understand how he did all those vehicles and guns and kept his sanity. It was hard enough in the desert I cannot imagine how he did Russia and keep it all straight.

And thanks to all those that helped with the British/CW speech files. I would still trying to figure out which accent belong to who.


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