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CMBB or CMAK or both?


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The decision rests on what you prefer. If you like the savage, bloodthirsty, uncivilized horror that is Russia, then get CMBB.

If on the other hand, you prefer the more genteel war (at least till the yanks show up ;) ), where you stop for tea at 5 pm and rules of warfare generally apply, then CMAK is your game.

It is a good idea to get both though. The savings they offer make it worthwhile. Even if you only get one now, you know in your heart of hearts that you will be back at the trough for more later, so save a little money and get them now.

The game features are the same, so that shouldn't be an issue

Me, I have and play both :D

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Most people who ask this question want to know if one game is significantly inferior over another, or alternately if its just the same game in a different suit of clothes.

Between CMBB and CMAK one is NOT significantly inferior to the other. CMAK does have a couple extra tricks up its sleeve due to 'lessons learned' from the previous game but its not quite so apparent as between CMBO and CMBB. That being said, CMAK and CMBB do play VERY differently. Fighting M3 Grants in the dusty desert is very different from Russian KV heavy tanks on snowy steppes.

If you've got the extra couple bucks and the spare hard drive space, 'both games' is definitely the way to go.

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