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Two New Mods Posted: Late-war LW Infantry and US winter uniforms!

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Get 'em while they're hot at CMMODS.COM!

Late-war Luftwaffe infantry mod is based on my CMBB LW mod but is totally reworked and improved.


Late-war American infantry wear cold-weather gear inspired by photos of 10th Mtn. Division troops: tan anoraks (with coyote fur trim!), mountain pants, and two-buckle combat boots. I think they turned out way cool :cool: and they're a must for any scenarios with snow! smile.gif


And lastly, a preview of things to come:


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Originally posted by MikeT:

Oh, those lower paras look sweet. Exactly like the samples. Are you going to use optional helmet covers as well?



I tried that and it looks bad :( The distortion of the helmet model won't allow for the foliage loops that are part of the distinctive look of the cover and a plain camo pattern on the helmet looks just strange. It's too bad.

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Originally posted by Martyr:

Wow--those look great!

Were the anoraks common to all US forces, or just the mountain troops?

I don't think they were exclusive to mountain troops, just associated with them. Someone who knows more than me about it might be able to enlighten us.

BTW, the 10th Mtn. was involved in some of the hairiest fighting of the war, and suffered the highest casualty rate of any US unit. Are there any scenarios out there that feature these guys? The battles at Riva Ridge and Monte Belvedere seem like good scenario fodder. Fix or do somefink!

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Originally posted by Darknight_Canuck:

</font><blockquote>quote:</font><hr />Originally posted by AndrewTF:

</font><blockquote>quote:</font><hr />Originally posted by Darknight_Canuck:

Great stuff, as usual Andrew.

Any chance of getting back to the CW in the near future and doing the khaki drill uniform? :D

You want khaki drill or denim battledress?

smile.gif </font>

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OK, how's this?



Needs a couple more tweaks before it's perfect. Should I include a KD service cap for the coy/bn HQ guy or would he have worn the continental version? Should it be an option? I also managed to work in the left-hand thigh pocket on the battledress trousers, so I guess I'll have to update the woolen battledress uniforms accordingly. smile.gif

I was actually able to whip up the entire mod set, including Canadians, test them, take a screenshot, save it as a JPEG, upload it, and post about it here in less than an hour. Pretty impressive if I do say so myself. :cool:

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